About Us

In 1990 Sports Junction was established by Jim and his wife Maryanne in Geneva, OH. Thanks to all the support from the hunting community of Northeast Ohio, the original Sports Junction thrived as an 800 Square foot store on their property for 32 years. In 1994 they added the Mathews Solocam line of bows to the store and have since been the most reliable Mathews dealer and bow repair shop in the area. This is a place where you will be outfitted with the best equipment, receive unmatched service from competent and professional archery experts, and gain the confidence and skills necessary to be a successful hunter. In May of 2022 Sports Junction moved its location to beautiful downtown Geneva and upgraded to an 8000 square foot location. Adding fishing, camping and an indoor archery range onto an already thriving business did wonders for this family owned and operated business.
In the early 90s Sports Junction opened its outdoor 3-D Archery Course featuring 30 life-size targets spread through a landscape intended to simulate real-life hunting scenarios. Throughout the course the archer will be challenged by shots in open fields, up and down hills, over a creek, and through timber. Since its inception, Sports Junction’s 3-D archery course has been the only course in this region that is open to the public 7 days a week during the outdoor season. Today the course is 100% Rinehart targets including coyotes, pigs, bear, elk, whitetail deer, even dinosaurs and a Sasquatch! The mission of every archer should be to make a clean, ethical shot when the time comes. So, in order to provide archers with an affordable place to prepare for such a harvest, the admission cost has remained only $12 for nearly 30 years. The 3-D course still thrives on Claymill Drive with an honesty box, and leagues all summer long.
While Sports Junction is primarily an archery store, it also boasts a respectable selection of new and used firearms, optics, ammunition, firearm accessories, fishing, camping, and services. Firearm repairs are offered and performed by an infinitely competent gunsmith with decades of experience smithing guns of all makes and models. Sports Junction holds a Federal Firearms License, permitting all guns to be transferred through the shop’s license. This provides a safe and legal place to ship and receive firearms via mailing services, as well as conduct sales and purchases. We also have a bowtech on staff year round for repairs on bows of all shapes and sizes.
Providing the best hunting products and services, paired with an incomparable wealth of knowledge has helped hunters all over the area find success in the outdoors. Countless “full freezers” and trophy bucks have been attributed to Jim and his company. And it’s the pride behind a smiling, camo-painted face after a successful harvest that keeps this place running. From set-up to the moment you pull the trigger, Sports Junction has your back.
Thank you for reading this story. If you are a regular customer, thank you for your unwavering support. If you’ve not come in for a while...stop on by! We’re always happy to see a familiar face. If you’ve never been in to check us out, we hope you will soon. Good luck this year in your hunting endeavors and if there is any way we can help, our door is open to you!