Alpine Power Loc 4 Arrow Quiver Realtree Edge

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  • Compact design;Accommodates four standard or microdiameter shafts;Weighs only 6.3oz;11 5/8" overall length;Made in USA;Hood height: 1.5 in. with foam insert, 2 in. without foam insert

A compact quiver design providing efficient storage of standard or micro diameter arrows. The urethane foam-lined hood protects fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads while reducing noise. The Power Loc bracket features an innovative roll and lock latch for a secure grip and quick mounting or detachment. Includes nylon hang loop for tree hooks or tree limbs when hunting with a detached quiver. Overall length is 11 5/8" and weighs only 6.3 oz. Compatible with RH or LH compound bows and crossbows.

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